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Financial Advisory

KRK Group provides the following financial advisory services:

Credit information services
Complex financial diagnostics of business
Marketing research
Business & Asset valuations
Business modeling
Due Diligence

Credit information services

KRK Group is ready to submit a credit report on any company registered on the territory of CIS countries, Baltic states, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia. Credit report contains some certain conclusions and recommendations on the required company, its credit rating as well as the information about the secure commercial credit limit.

A standard credit report contains the following data:

   - Complete registration data and the company's history
   - Offices addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses
   - Business activities, products/services provided, trademarks
   - Import and export data, main suppliers and clients
   - Information about the shareholders and administration
   - Data on subsidiaries and affiliated companies
   - Balance sheet and P&L account for the previous years
   - Information about the banks the queried company works with
   - Negative information, legal claims, current debts
   - Credit worthiness and credit recommendations

Your advantages when using a credit report:

   - You have a clear picture of your business partner wherever he is situated
   - You are provided with cooperation opportunities analysis
   - You possess convincing arguments for negotiating a contract on more favourable terms

Complex Financial Diagnostics of Business

When carrying out a complex financial diagnostics, we receive full information about current financial position of a company. Having such information our specialists not only to estimate financial resources and results of activities, but also to develop certain steps for achievement of the practical and strategic goals.

During carrying out of financial diagnostics, there is an exact and objective picture of companys financial position is formed as well as weak pockets and hidden internal reserves of improvement are disclosed. It allows our clients to raise efficiency of their commercial activity and as much as possible to realize available opportunities of development.

Thus, results of complex financial diagnostics of business are base for acceptance of the important management decisions.

Marketing Research

The ultimate success of any business activity depends on the comprehensive information about target market. Such information enables our clients to make management decisions connected with investment, planning and behavior strategy on the market. Our experts use in your practice tools that allow us to get current data for market situation and expected tendencies in Ukraine and worldwide.

Business & Asset Valuations

We help clients to identify factors that impact on a company's worth, as well as develop strategic solutions for increasing value over the long term. In our practice we use the best valuation methods and technologies existing in science. Our services include:

- Valuation of certain assets

- Valuation of business in case of buying or purchasing

Business Modeling

Efficient management needs that the companys revenues, operation efficiency and financial resources were well-balanced. Business modeling is an effective planning tool that includes just as modeling of equilibrium growth so modeling in dynamic environment. Our major offerings are:

   - Market modeling
   - Strategic modeling
   - Econometrics

Due Diligence

To make a valid investment decision on purchasing/buying of business it is necessary to possess complete and objective information about it. To receive such information it is important to carry out a complex investigation which is known as Due Diligence. Due Diligence is an integrated survey that focuses on all relations inside company and its cooperation with external environment. We discover weak pockets of a company and make recommendations on improvement of existing conditions during Due Diligence. The final goal of Due Diligence is to determinate an actual value of an asset and calculate of synergy.

DUE DILIGENCE Report may include the following parts:

Financial Due Diligence
Market Due Diligence
Legal Due Diligence
IT Due Diligence

Our specialists may conduct any part of Due Diligence in order to help our clients to improve their financial, legal or IT performance.

Financial Due Diligence

This part of investigation focuses on the companys earning power. During financial due diligence it is to analyze assets, revenues, financial ratios, plan and control system as well as risks inherent to target business. The main goal is to evaluate companys financial position, disclose factors, which influence on its changing, and forecast the future financial conditions. The recommendations are to be prepared basing on the results of financial analysis.

Market Due Diligence

On this stage of investigation the internal information about manufacturing and technology compare to the market capacity and evaluation of a company by rivals. The main goals are:

   - determination of companys position on the market in which it operates
   - analysis of the future markets opportunities
   - evaluation of possible companys development according to the markets growth

During environment analysis it is to investigate target market, information about competitors and standards existing on it. On this stage it is to make forecasts of the market and analyze facilities and resources not only to the company and its partners but also to rivals.

Legal Due Diligence

Legal analysis is dedicated to check a companys activity according to statutory acts in sphere of the civil, labour, commercial law. In process of Legal Due Diligence the charter of the company, its acts with contractors and personnel, possible risks owing to acceptance of normative changes in legislation are analyzed.