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Legal Services

Complex of legal services provided by our company:

Consultations on questions of the civil and commercial law

Consultations on questions of enterprise, corporate, investment activity, customs and bank regulation

Legal maintenance of agreements of property character

Legal examination of the external economic contracts

Debt Collection

Participation in negotiations and representation of interests in all state bodies and not state organizations

Representation in courts of the general jurisdiction and economic courts on civil, labour, family disputes

Accreditation at customs house, customs registration of cargoes

Registration "on a turn-key basis" privat persons and company of all forms , preparation of authorized documents, re-registration, liquidation, sale

Reception of the sanction to manufacturing of seales, stamps

Support at opening bank accounts, notarial official registration of papers

Registration of foreign representations, companies and banks

Development of contracts of sale and purchase of the corporate rights

Granting consultations on legal questions of bankruptcy

Legal audit (Legal Due diligence)

Preparation and analysis of sales contracts, contracts between shareholders and other documents connected to realization of transaction

Negotiating and development of economic contracts

Structurization of direct foreign investments, establishment of joint ventures, partnership and strategic alliances

Reception and registration of various licenses and sanctions, registration in the state bodies

Consultation on questions of the labour legislation

For foreign citizens - registration of the certificate to residing, the sanction to employment.