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IT & Business Consulting

Effective business that knows all answers about market changes is impossible without using the latest progress in the information technologies sphere. Software and information systems allow to organize your business, interaction with clients and customers, internal and external business processes, optimize their processing. Efficiently deployed IT infrastructure of company is a key aspect in providing harmonious employee activities, each-to-each, department-to-department communication, and communication with contragents.

IT Consulting
Business Consulting
Web System and Web Sites Development

IT Consulting

Good information system is an essential functionality for any business as well it allows to organize business, formalize, automate busines processes, increase their transparency, improve monitoring, track company activity, analyse results, quickly provide analytical reports to make management decisions.

KRK Group company offers services to analyse IT infrastructure of your enterprise, optimize it, make and implement the strategy of IT services development.

IT Audit:

description, evaluation existing state of information systems infrastructure and software used in company
audit of procedures, policies, documentntion that concerns to IT services functioning
risks estimation concerning to existing IT infrastructure of company
formulation of recommendations about improving efficiency using existing information technologies at enterprise, their implementation; about new technologies implementation

Making company's information technologies development strategy:

researching and formalization business requirements to information technologies
creating improved information technologies architecture
making recommendations about further IT infrastructure development, implementation from our side
economic ground of proposed solutions

IT management consulting:

description of IT services internal procedures
making recommendations about IT procedures optimization, selection of needed software
recommendations implementation

Also KRK Group offers you services of implementing software that lets you prioritize, assign, track, report and audit your business issues. More than just an issue tracking, we can customize different software to match to your business processes. If you're looking for a better way to collaborate or a replacement for a wiki, we offer software having the essential enterprise features for your organization.

As well as KRK Group is a partner of Atlassian Software Systems, we offer you professional services in implementation JIRA and Confluence to get these targets.

Business Consulting

Business process is a sequential regulated set of activity types that are directed to complete appointed business tasks. Efficient, exact and transparent business processes are key element of normal enterprise activity.

KRK Group provides services: analysis existing business processes of client, weak spots identifications.

IT Due Diligence

Confidence on information technology for business processes, management information and financial reporting in todays business environment makes information technology a priority item in effective operations. But not only IT makes business better, but also in the complex with effective management of them helps to find better ways of deriving value and leverage from IT assets and artefacts:

purchasers need have a reliance that the IT assets for business are up to the task
vendors need to secure the best price to sale. Identifying and then mitigating or addressing IT issues with transaction relevance reduces purchaser risk which supports a grater price
both purchasers and vendors need to minimise the impact of the sale and transition process on business operations

What does it mean for you? If you are an equity buyer, your target is a business with the intention of creating incremental value by improving business performance. If you are a trade buyer, youre looking for ways to make your companys core business stronger by acquiring a rival or complementary products.

Also your companys strategy may involve disposing of business, whether through a carve-out of business units, or by the sale of existing entities. Or maybe you are seeking to gain all economies of scale by combining businesses or business units.

What we can do for you:

providing full understanding of the cost and impact of system related issues that are relevantto the transaction being considered
identifying opportunities to improve you business processes using enhanced IT enablement and cost reduction
providing with strategies and options for managing the IT related aspects to
avoid disruption to business and reduce risks related
providing with better opportunities that the IT systems that support business targets are fit for purpose and identifying resources critical to continued business as usual operations

Web System and Web Sites Development

If your company doesn't have internet-site, or you need to change existing one as well as create logo design or make your trademark rebrending, KRK Group can help you.

Brend creation and regular rebrending is the main part of conformity your company to modern advertising tendency. We offer you to unite web site development and logo creation.

KRK Group offers you to create the following web-systems kinds:

Mini-Site (Cut-Away) - single page containing short information about company and its contact details
Informational Site - company news, set of pages about company, feedback, informers
Online Shop - company news, set of pages about company, feedback, informers, goods storage including possibility to order them
News Site - online news resource with possibility to comment news by users and RSS-export
Portal - news (with possibility to comment and RSS-export), set of pages about company, informers, forum (if needed), feedback, services request form
Real Estate Agency - company news, set of pages about company, feedback, informers, database management

If your site is a powerful marketing tool for your company in the global network, we will help you to unleash it.

Why KRK Group?

IT department of KRK Group consists of teams of experienced professionals who have long experience in web-sites and online applications development. Our development process is one of the most efficient. We will help you to choose the most optimal design and business logic of your site or internet-application according to your purposes and requirements because our team also includes marketing and PR specialists, business-processes optimization professionals.

Furthermore our workings out have high-level of protection against external malefactors.